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About Us

Tough Mary’s is a bakery passionate about simple, good food.

We make all our food from raw ingredients on site and with our open kitchen you can see our bakers unloading sourdoughs from the ovens and preparing all sorts of sweet and savoury treats. We never use improvers or additives and all our bread and pastries are long fermented for improved flavour.

We serve simple (but delicious) drip coffee and a handpicked selection of teas and soft drinks so that you can relax in our small seating area and sample our bakes.

Opening Times:

Mon:   Closed
Tue:   8am – 4pm
Wed:   8am – 4pm
Thu:   8am – 4pm
Fri:   8am – 4pm
Sat:   10am – 5pm
Sun:   Closed

Our Goodies

Our selection of breads and sweets will vary daily, weekly and seasonally, so it’s best to pop in and see what’s on offer. We’ve listed some of our favourites below to whet your appetite.


White Sourdough

This is our classic white sourdough, simply made with organic wheat flour, wheat leaven, water and sea salt.

Country Sourdough

Our country sourdough is a mix of organic white and wholemeal wheat flour, organic wholemeal rye flour, wheat leaven, water and sea salt.

100% Rye Sourdough

This wheat free loaf has a low gluten content and is made solely from organic wholemeal rye flour, rye leaven, water and sea salt.

Light Rye Sourdough

A sourdough made with a mix of organic white wheat flour, white rye flour, rye leaven, water and sea salt.

Wholemeal Sourdough

Due to popular demand we have developed this delicious wholemeal sourdough. It’s made from organic wholewheat flour, white flour, wheat leaven, water and salt.


This soft Italian dough is long fermented for a delicious flavour. Made with organic wheat flour, wholemeal rye flour, yeast, water, olive oil and salt.


Our croissants take 48 hours to make which gives them a fantastic flavour. We make all croissants and pastries by hand so as we’re starting out they’ll be limited in number.  Please check our Instagram for daily updates.

Other bits and bobs:
• Cardamom, coffee and walnut loaf
• Lemon drizzle loaf
• Babka
• Cinnamon rolls
• Salted caramel blondies
• Brownies



Our focaccia is made with ciabatta dough. It’s soft, light, airy and finished with delicious toppings. Toppings change daily and seasonally so pop in to see what’s on offer.


We make and serve soup daily, keeping the flavours seasonal and fresh. The soup changes weekly and comes with either fresh sourdough bread and butter or bakery made sourdough croutons.


About our food and drinks

Why sourdough?

Sourdough bread is far more nutritious than regular supermarket bread.

All of our sourdough bread is slowly proved over night. This slow fermentation creates a nutrient-rich loaf with a better flavour and a longer shelf life. This process also creates a loaf that is much easier to digest than an ordinary supermarket loaf due to a reduced presence of gluten proteins.

Do you make gluten free bread?

Unfortunately, no.

Because of the nature of the bakery none of our bread or products can be truly gluten free. However we do offer a 100% rye bread which is low in gluten as well as wheat free. Where possible we try to offer gluten free sweet treats (such as our banana, raspberry and pistachio friand), however we must stress the bakery is not a gluten free environment.

Is your bread vegan/does it contain palm oil?

All of our bread is vegan and contains only flour, water, salt and yeast.

Real bread should not contain anything other than these four ingredients. We sometimes add tasty inclusions into our bread such as in our parmesan and black pepper loaf, in this case the bread would not be vegan.

Can I get a large cappuccino?

Hopefully in the future.

As we’re a bakery at heart, we’re focussing on our bread and pastries and serving them with a hand-picked selection of teas and filter coffees right now. We know that people like espresso-based coffee with their pastries, so this is something that we’ll be looking into when the time comes.

About us

Who is Tough Mary?

Our founder Kate comes from a long line of tough women named Mary so it only seemed to make sense when she heard the Etta James song. It’s a pretty great song, but Kate doesn’t condone demanding diamonds and shoes from your suitors.

Who did your logo?

Our logo was hand-drawn and vectorised by the lovely Paul Atchison.


Come and pick up a loaf or a treat


74 Derby Road


Tel:   0115 837 4321